Great value gas and electric

At Your Brokers we get asked every day “who can I get the best value gas and electric from”, well that’s an easy question to answer…. it’s us! Still to this day business owners never believe us until we draw the contracts up showing them savings they have just made.

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How does Your Brokers do it?

The first step we take is to analyse your bills for both gas and electric on total consumption of both. We then take the unit price you have paid on both to give us an overall spend on each. This might be, for example British Gas for gas £10000/year at 3.2p with no standing charge and Npower for electric £10000/year at 14p with no standing charge. We take this information and tender the business out to our wholesale suppliers. If necessary we will re-negotiate to ensure we have the best value gas and electric offer for our clients.

What are the savings?

We can save you more than going direct through an ‘online comparison site’ and even more than most other brokers in the area due to our business ethics and low overheads. We really do believe we can give you the best value gas and electric.

I’m happy with the savings… what next?

Ideally your account manager will visit you to review the contract options in person. However if you are not local to one of our team, we can always do this over email. Once you have reviewed, simply sign and then we do the rest while you concentrate on your business. We will get the supply changed over and handle all paperwork involved. There is no charge from Your Brokers for this!

Is there any help on reducing my consumption?

Yes your account manager can perform audits for your site to make it more sustainable. We can schedule visits to make sure you’re running as efficiently as possible and install smart dash software so that you can view your daily consumption and even make your own improvements.

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