Gas and electric 5 year contract

With energy prices constantly on the rise it’s often sensible to opt for a gas and electric 5 year contract. If your current contract is due to end in the next year, that’s a good time to speak to us.

We look ahead at energy market trends to achieve the lowest possible prices for your gas and electric 5 year contracts. As an added bonus, the price is fixed against any further increases from the day that you sign up. You don’t have to wait until your contract ends!

If you haven’t considered a long term deal before, a gas and electric 5 year contract is often where the biggest direct savings can be made. Give us a try, and see how much you can save compared to your previous contract.

Your Brokers’ account managers will continue to monitor your energy usage throughout the contract term. We will remind you when you are due for renewal in good time to broker the most competitive deal for you.

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