Gas and electric

We are Your Brokers… the cost saving experts in business. Come to us for your energy comparison for business gas and electric. We will guarantee to save your business money through our bulk purchasing from over 20 wholesale gas and electric suppliers around the world. We are a British company with an excellence in customer care and personal care. Our account managers will look after you and your business, delivering you the lowest possible market prices.

To save a minimum of £500 please complete the form below for us to contact you.

So why choose us?

At Your Brokers we guarantee to save you money on your gas and electric for the period of your contract and provide you round the clock service from a local account manager if any problems may occur. Unlike going direct to one supplier, we deal with 26 wholesale suppliers (British Gas, NPower and Opus, to name but a few). Your Brokers will offer you a choice of energy contracts to suit your specific business needs. As we deal with all of the major wholesale gas and electricity suppliers, this gives us incredible buying power and ultimately, great prices to pass onto you!

We can also offer tailored site audits to look at the overall energy efficiency rating of your business. This will help you reduce energy consumption and ultimately save your business money. This paired with our expert industry knowledge guarantees us to get the best energy comparison deal for you. Let Your Brokers do the job for you whilst you concentrate on what you do best.

Benefits of using a broker for Energy comparison?

The unit prices of gas and electricity fluctuates hourly, and a broker will use this knowledge to know when to buy. A broker will benefit from prices that a consumer would simply be unable to receive. The knowledge and expertise of the wholesale market is invaluable when negotiating a contract for clients, both new or existing. Over 75% of businesses do not monitor their utility spend and this is now becoming a vital part of business. It is now common to have a dedicated account manager to monitor the energy market on your behalf, providing improved pricing, billing health checks, smart meters and an online dashboard for your business.

What type of businesses do we supply?

We cover all industries, from education, retail, construction, factories, processing plants, hotels & chain accommodation. So it doesn’t matter to us if you’re a small or large user, we can service your needs and reduce those outgoing utilities costs with contracts anywhere from one to five years.

How do I switch gas and electricity suppliers?

That’s the easy part, just go to the contact us page, fill out the form and an account manager will be in touch. You will need your gas and electricity bills available so we can compare gas and electricity and show your savings.