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We compare prices with over 20 energy suppliers to get the best deal for you and manage the whole process from start to end

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We have a call centre based in the UK to answer any queries you may have during your contract period

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Monday to Saturday 9am -7pm

Dashboard Software

We offer the most advanced software and technology for you to monitor and control your energy consumption

Client Support

With Your Brokers you receive an immediate account manager to handle your contract and energy management personally

Legal compliance

We can assist with legal services such as EPC, DEC’s, ACI’s, MEES

Easy integration

We deal with everything behind the scenes to ensure a hassle free experience for you

Energy comparison quote or Bill health check?

If you require an Energy quote for gas and electric please get in touch.

Latest news on summer energy prices

Welcome to Your Brokers Energy comparison site. We buy from 26 wholesale energy companies to provide you with the most competitive prices in the UK

Byjasonsmith13 Apr 6, 2018

Your Brokers leads the way

Your Brokers Energy comparison are detailed quotations tailored to your exact requirements of gas and electricity beating your current suppliers

Byjasonsmith13 Apr 6, 2018

75% of businesses never check their bill

Business is hard at the best of times but a recent survey by Ofgem revealed that 75% of small businesses never checking their utilities bills and

Byjasonsmith13 Apr 6, 2018

Take control of your utilities spend

At Your Brokers were not only an online tool for utilities quotations but have the expertise of business gas and electric for you to take control

Byjasonsmith13 Mar 7, 2018

It’s never been so easy to switch gas and electricity suppliers

With modern day technology of smart meters in most homes and businesses in Britain, it's never been so easy and fast to change supply of gas and